About Us


Arra Decor is a boutique décor studio, based out of New Bombay offering unique options in decor materials that transform spaces, add value, and create a statement with style!

With an experience of over a decade and having transformed innumerable residential and commercial sites by understanding and closely working with architects, interior designers, and individual home/office owners,we have established ourselves as specialists in the decor segment.


We believe in promoting products and concepts that break conventions and create a 'WOW' factor.

ARRA Décor is led by Zohra Zoomkhawalla, a pharmacist by profession with a marketing degree, whose passion for creativity and design led her to set up a business promoting interior décor materials. Her sense of aesthetics and understanding of materials, has made her the go-to person for several professionals from the real estate and design fraternity as well as clients seeking to beautify their homes and offices.